Saying Goodbye to ByteIRC

August 26, 2020 (1 year ago)

Oh no. Another “goodbye” post? Writing this post fills me with a lot of nostalgia, thinking about all of the experiences I’ve had on IRC over the years.

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ByteIRC Website

Ever since 2011, I’ve been on IRC (ByteIRC definitely didn’t exist at the time), talking in gaming, programming, scripting, and other misc. channels. From Freenode, Exper, Overdrive, Geekshed, Quakenet, OFTC, and more, talking about WHATEVER and WHENEVER. I was a kid that was commonly awake at 1-5am, and there were other people up to talk to at that timeframe, which was uncommon for most of the other social platforms I was on at the time.

It was the first experience for me to socially interact with those in-mass on the internet, that I had never met before. I’m an introvert, and yet it made it easy to be able to talk to likeminded people, and sometimes engage in… heated discussions (or arguments, whatever flavor of word you’d like to use… hah).

Photo of IRCCloud on Esper: IRCCLoud on Esper

As I grew older, I joined more and more channels. At the peak of it, I was in over 600 IRC channels, across over 20 servers. Talking in many channels frequently throughout my day (and work). At that point, I had my own IRC channel, with somewhere upwards of 80 members at its peak.

Photos of Weechat on Esper (and other networks): Weechat on Esper Weechat 2 on Esper

I began thinking about the benefits of being able to run my own IRC server, where I’m not restricted by connection or channel rate limits, where I could develop automation and IRC bots without being concerned about breaking rules. I finally bit the bullet after long and careful consideration, that I should.

mIRC on Linux Hexchat

Within 30 minutes, I had already came up with a silly name. “ByteIRC”… it fits, right? The internet is full of bits and bytes, and what better name to describe the kind of things I loved as a programmer/developer. It was this common idea that joined so many together. We ran this 4-node IRC cluster for quite a few years, with many different members, for many different purposes.

ByteIRC Server List

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. With all of the other chat platforms available today, with my busy work schedule, the server costs for multiple VM’s being what they are, and with very few people using the server anymore, I’ve made the decision to shut down the servers, and website. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years, but the effort required to keep these clusters running is simply no longer feasible.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to be off IRC anymore. Chances are, if you ping me, I will still be online and available. However, I’ve shifted all of my main communications over to Discord, where much of the server management if handled externally, leaving very little on my end to manage.

If you’d like to join some of the folks who are still around and chatting, feel free to join our Discord server here. The goal of this server is not to circle around me, but rather the same ideals I had when starting ByteIRC. All are welcome, we have multiple different voice and text channel categories, and I’d be happy for folks to join.